Welcome! We are Toucan Creative.

an innovative high flying animation studio


Perth based

We are in a city surrounded by the global leaders in the mining, oil & gas, construction, engineering and architectural industries so many of our services are tailored to these sectors.

Bring Concepts to Life

Ever tried to explain an idea to someone using complicated words and overly technical diagrams, only to be greeted with a blank look of confusion? Well, that’s where we step in and turn those words into memorable and easily understandable videos and images.


3D Animation

High quality animation is essential to telling a story the way it’s meant to be told. Combined with an experienced knowledge in design, creativity and imagination, we are confident in our ability to deliver animations that we can be proud of.

A Technical Focus

We deal with technical data on a daily basis, and are constantly learning the intricacies of different industries so that we can better communicate them visually and broaden audience appeal.